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What to do With Empty Corners in Your Apartment

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There’s an empty corner in one of the rooms in your apartment. They don’t look bad, but they’re also not doing anything for your room. In fact, they’re making your room look incomplete. It’s as if all that decorating you did doesn’t matter. Once you enter your room, your eyes will instantly go straight to that empty corner.

Leaving it as-is may be tempting, but it’s actually easy to decorate empty room corners. Don’t believe us? Here’s what you can do to the empty corners in your apartment.

Convert it into a Reading Nook

A room corner is a perfect spot to convert into a reading nook. Push a plush armchair against the corner and get yourself a cozy blanket to curl up with. Buy a side table or a simple stool so that you’ll have somewhere to stack the books you’re reading or that mug of tea you’re nursing. A floor lamp beside your chair will keep you reading throughout the night.

You’ll find that a reading nook will be the perfect haven for when you go exploring via the pages of a book. Besides finding it might be one of your favorite nooks in the apartment, it will certainly turn a lonely, empty corner of a room into one that is cozy and inviting.

Cover it With a Potted Plant

An empty room corner is a good spot for a potted plant. If you’ve been thinking of adopting a plant for your home, now’s your chance. There are large indoor houseplants you can get for your room corner. Just make sure that the one you’ll get will survive the surrounding environment of your room corner.

Get a Full-Length Mirror

To give the illusion that your empty corner isn’t empty, you can add a full-length mirror that will redirect the attention away from it. This will instantly transform your space. It will even make it look bigger. If you position the mirror to face a natural light source, this will make your room brighter.

In choosing a mirror, make sure it’s big enough for your corner. If chosen right, a mirror can be a design piece on its own.

Display a Statement Piece

Empty corners are for showing off, so if you have a sculpture or a statement piece, show it off proudly! Statement pieces don’t necessarily mean expensive works of art. An antique bar cart or an oddly-shaped armchair could be the statement piece your empty corner is looking for. Whether it’s a piece of furniture or a literal art piece, that empty room corner in your apartment will benefit from being used as a nonliteral pedestal.

Use the Space for a Standing Shelf

Standing shelves will look great against an empty corner. Strategically placing shelves to hide the empty space will instantly transform your room. The shelves can also be useful as they will safely store your items. Whether you need a shelf to store your books or a spot to show off your trinkets, standing shelves are the perfect place for you to place them.

Floating shelves will do just as well to spruce up that empty corner—but unless you’re absolutely sure installing them won’t violate your lease agreement, it’s best to stick with standing shelves.

Empty corners in your apartment home can look awkward when left alone. But with a few items or pieces, you can transform that awkward corner into something stylish and usable.

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