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The Best Foods to Shop for at the Dollar General in Bentonville

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Everyone wants to be able to fully stock their kitchen without exceeding their grocery budget. Yet, as anyone who’s been grocery shopping will tell you, food is expensive – and that’s before you factor in essential paper products, snacks for the kids, and whatever else your family adds to your shopping list.

The good news is that you can shop for many essential items at your local dollar store. Often overlooked by grocery shoppers, these stores contain a treasure trove of pantry essentials at bargain prices. Here are a few of the best things to shop for at Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or any other dollar store.

Canned Beans and Soups

Canned goods are a pantry staple for a reason – they're versatile and have a long shelf life. Not to mention, they’re budget-friendly. Yet, canned beans, soups, and vegetables can cost well over $1.00 per unit at your regular grocery store, so save money by stopping by your local dollar store first. There, you’ll find a wealth of canned goods of the same quality far below grocery store prices.

Condiments and Spices

Unless you’re on the hunt for a specialty condiment or hard-to-find spice, hitting the dollar store can save you plenty of cash on these items. Most dollar stores stock a hefty supply of basic ketchup, spicy and regular mustard, mayonnaise, and other dipping sauces and dressings. You’ll also find plenty of essential spices there, like garlic and onion powders, cinnamon, cumin, and oversized packages of salt.

Water and Ice

For something as essential to life as water, you’d be surprised at how much many grocery retailers charge for a 24-pack of bottled H2O! The next time you need to stock your pantry with bottled or jug water or provide the hydrating beverage for your child’s class or summer camp, head to your local dollar store before going to the grocery store. There, you’ll also find fresh bags of ice for less.

Snacks and Candy

When that insatiable craving for snacks or candy strikes, consider stopping by the dollar store, instead of a gas station or drugstore. Dollar stores are known for their long list of snack items, which range from chips and flavored popcorn to candy of all varieties. These stores also stock seasonal goods, which means that you can find candy for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, depending on the time of year!

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