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Create a Garden with Limited Outdoor Space by Using These Helpful Tips

The current weather might have you thinking about your garden. If you are short on outdoor space, container gardens are a great alternative to a garden bed. Although they are small, container gardens are mighty. Besides, there is nothing more lovely than geraniums, nasturtiums, or petunias peeking out from pots and containers of all sizes and colors! If you’re interested in adding beautiful blooms to your balcony or patio, check out these three tips.

Choose the right plants.

Take special care to choose plants that will thrive in the conditions found on your patio or balcony. Some prefer shade and others require full sun. If you live in a colder climate, try pansies, primrose, or catmint. Used to hot temperatures year-round? Pick up periwinkles, petunias, or aloe vera – which will make a statement while also doubling as a natural burn-relief salve or moisturizer!

Water frequently.

Did you know that plants in containers dry out quicker than ones planted in the ground? The small size of each plant’s container makes the soil dry quickly, so be sure to water frequently. If your containers are placed on a balcony, remember to prevent water from falling onto those passing below. Hey, it’s just common courtesy!

Mind where you place your plants.

When it comes to container gardening, placement is everything. Place plants close to walls to allow them to draw warmth from the building and to protect them from the wind. Doing this will allow your plants to flourish both early and late in the growing season. You’ll also want to make sure your plants are placed closely together within each pot or container. This gives your plant a full, healthy look.

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